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Take A Stand AZ

Take A Stand AZ (TASAZ) is a non-profit organization and adheres to the United States Department of the Treasury’s standards for a 501(c)(3).

Take A Stand AZ provides scholarships and grants to individuals who are seeking to attend or currently attending a trade school, college, or university in order to improve their economic situation.

The typical recipient of a TASAZ scholarship will be a person who is looking to improve their economic situation by going to a trade school, college, or by attaining a certification.

We see this as critical not only for students but for our economy as a whole. Students who graduate from trade schools or with certifications have an immediate impact on our local economy.

There are many trade schools, colleges, and universities in Arizona that help provide valuable skills to our workforce. TASAZ is doing it's part in helping students attain these skills by providing some financial peace of mind.

Please check out our FAQs for more information on our scholarships.